Friday, September 13, 2013

Download Broadgun pdfMachine Ultimate

pdfMachine is simple and fast, with no complicated options and is a native Windows print driver.
If you know how to print from an application then you can use pdfMachine! PDF enabled software is a vital component for every desktop.

PDF or Portable Document Format is rapidly becoming the defacto standard for publishing on the web.
This pdf writer pdfMachine converts a print stream from an application directly into a PDF.
Once you have installed the pdf writer, open your document that you want to convert, then click "print", select the "Broadgun pdfMachine printer" and that's it!

pdfMachine features:
• Print to create PDF
• PDF Editing and mark-up
• Open any PDF
• Comment PDF
• Multilingual font support
• Mail Integration
• Small File Sizes
• Voice annotations
• Text annotations
• PDF Stationery
• Text and image watermarks
• Security Encryption
• Active URLs
• Hyperlinks
• N-Up Printing
• MS Office Integration
• MS IE Integration
• Network Installations
• Bookmark Editing
• Word Mail Merge
• Digital Signatures
• Parameter parsing
• Scanning Support
• Custom toolbar
• Terminal Server
• Set Next Action
• Set Document properties
• Multiple Print Profiles / Multiple Printers
• Windows XP/Vista x64 drivers
• File embedding/attaching

Changes in pdfMachine 14.61:
Features :
pdfMachine is now licensed per user. pdfMachine was previously licensed per machine it was used on. This has now changed - you can use a single pdfmachine license on up to 5 different machines. This should cover your main desktop, laptop and then some! Read the license agreement for specific details.
Fixes :
pdfMachine options "Saved Settings for shared printers" now shares stamps correctly.

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